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String Slap Adjustment

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My ESP has just started giving me some string slap on the first and second fret. Normaly i'd adjust the trussrod to this, but the neck isn;t doing any kinda of ski slope shape... So i'm assuming that the adjustment of the Floydrose will help it... Thing is, i'm not sure what is an aptimal hight for the floydrose. Does anyone know the preferred hight or how many times the adjustment screws should be turned?

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It all depends on how you like it. Some people like low 'action' (height of the strings above the frets), some like it higher.

If the 'slapping' has only recently started and you haven't adjusted anything then a very small turn of the trussrod may be what you need (like a quarter/half turn). By looking at the neck it might look straight but you can never tell just by looking.

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I've never heard buzzing called "string slap", and I'm assuming that's what you mean ...

If you're getting buzzing by the nut, isn't that a sign your neck has too little relief? That's what relief is for ... to prevent buzzing in the lower position be matching the neck curve to the arc of a vibrating string. The way I check my relief is to play all the notes on the 1st string from the 6th or 7th fret on down, and play hard enough to make them buzz. The onset of buzzing should be the same on all frets. If it's worse at the 7th fret there's too much relief and if it's worse near the nut there's too little.

So you may need a bit more of a ski slope, not less. Proper relief adjustment is the first thing you should do, before nut height and saddle height (in that order).

This assumes a level fretboard and even fret height. A high fret near the nut will cause some buzzing too.

I've learned a lot of this stuff is knowing what you have to work with.

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