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Some Help For The Electronically Retarded, Please!


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I'm new to this forum and very happy to have found it. Now then, you know I didn't just come here to sing praises...I must want SOMETHING. HELP!

Let me preface this by saying that I generally do my own pickup wiring. However, all my electrics are configured the same, more or less: bridge humbucker, neck single coil, master volume, no tone, and a 3-way switch, either strat or LP style......my two main guitars, a Warmoth soloist and Peavey Vandenberg are wired this way. It's simple, it's clean, and it makes sense to my small mind (after having our bass player explain it to me 300 times).

Recently, I got a good deal on a Washburn CS-780 (Korean, but highly underrated), and bought some pickups to replace the stock ones. The problem is, this guitar is wired a bit differently, so when I opened up the insanely small control cavity (I have never seen one this small!!!!), my head almost exploded. It's a H-S-H config, but it's a 5-way switch with master volume and tone, and the tone knob's a push/pull which coil taps both the neck and bridge. I've purchased DM Evolutions for the neck and bridge, and a DM YJM for the middle (I know that really doesn't matter), and feel like I am in WAY over my head wiring this up.

Rather than pass this off to our bass player to do for me (and admit defeat, once again) or give it to a local shop, I would like to ATTEMPT to tackle this myself. I realize I could just dump the push/pull tone for another volume or just leave it as a dummy knob, but now it's personal, dammit! I feel I must conquer this damn guitar!

I would like to wire it exactly as it is now just with the replacement p/u's. Browsing this forum a bit, I know there are people on here who would view this project as a joke, and something as easy as tying a shoelace......YOU are who I need! :D

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Just don't flame me and tell me I'm stupid....I already know that.

(shameless band plug: www.myspace.com/lifedeniedusa)

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Hey, anybody who even knows what the triryche is has gotta be above average :D - I've never been inside a Washburn (nor have I ever felt the urge :D ), but I can probably walk you through this with a minimum of frustartion.

The first and most important thing to do is to examine your current wiring carefully, and make comprehensive (and comprehensible) notes on where each wire from each pickup is connected to the other components - accuracy is absolutely crucial here, so take the time to make sure you've got it all correct before disconnecting anything! Get that together and let me know - the rest is almost easy, provided you've done this first step correctly. The single coil will have only two wires (and/or perhaps a braided shield), and the humbuckers will have either three or four wires (and/or possibly a shield) - it's important to make sure you have noted accurately where each wire is currently hooked up prior to any disassembly. Yes, I know I'm repeating myself, but it really is that important! Post here when you've finished, and we'll get on with it.

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