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What The Hell Do I Do Now


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Sealed my red stained veneer, and there were one or two bubbles (veneer from body)

So as in the tutorial and previously i have done, i ironed them down through a piece of foil.


I am RAGING at this, now there are some nickel sized patches with less stain on them, I restained them, but the texture of the wood is now different. Any ideas what the F**K i need to do?

Knew i should have just sprayed clear

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In reading your posts up to this point you pointed out that you had no experience with woodworking.

Now, I don’t mess with veneer work, because it’s too much of a hassle / too difficult and I have lots of woodworking experience.

Plus, veneer isn’t very forgiving, not much to work with if you do run into a problem.

So, you should probably feel pretty good about yourself for getting this far.

But, for what it’s worth, here’s what I’d do:

1] Pick up my LP or SG, turn the amp up loud and write a song, play a song anything other than worry about the problems with the project.

2] Once I calmed down a little, I’d go back and look at the problem again.

3] Maybe I’d decide that the best course of action would be to start over and then try to experiment with fixing the veneer knowing that I can’t really mess up any more than I already have since I still have the start over option.

4] I might try carefully and slowly sanding the present veneer until I evened out the stain / texture and try restaining. Most likely there is sealer in the grain, but who knows, it might generate a cool effect. I guess you could also add trying to strip off the sealer.

5] If I couldn’t get a result I’m satisfied with, then I’d carefully sand off the veneer and start from scratch. (Sanding would be a lot of work, but it would be pretty safe in terms of making a bigger problem.)

I guess you could try heating it and try prying / scraping it off, but that would risk gouging the body. i.e. compound the problem.

6] I’d remember the mistakes I made the first time around and not repeat them. (Believe me this comes from repeated experience.) i.e. How did I get the bubbles, how can I prevent them this time. etc..

7] After it’s all said and done, I’d sit back and look at the guitar and realize that even though it was a lot of work, I’d learned how to avoid mistakes that I will never make again.

Good luck, you’ll get there,

d ward

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