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Specking Out An Unsuaul Hollow Body Project

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Have been thinking about 2 projects for a long time and wonder if I can merge them together? This is a bit different and I would really appreciate your thoughts, as it is complete fantasy now- I've done some of this kind of construction before and some of this would be new to me so open to all thoughts!

1. I would like a semi-bright, very low sustain guitar for rhythm and riffs- Inspired by a p90 powered ESS225 and fast rhythm changes in classics like "what is life" by George Harrison- Thinking this would be a good sound for Petty, old byrds/beatles, etc.

2. I've been thinking about making a thin line Rickish electric 12 string but with a much wider neck-

I know 'convertibles' have been done before, but I'd like to think about making a guitar as follows as both a 6 and 12 string- It will probably be more useful in one mode than the other so in time, and once I have gotten used to it, I'm guessing I will treat it as one or the other.

Here's what I'm thinking-

1. Start with a warmoth maple neck with 12 string nut- No surprises there

2. Build a neck block that runs the length of the guitar, accepts a TOM bridge, and a tail end piece- I want low sustain- Would basswood be a good choice and strong enough to take the pressure? Is there a stronger wood with less sustain?

3. 335 body shape- Considering I want low sustain and no feedback, shape a flat front and back using 5/8 maple (kills sustain? Thinner possible?)- No arch, no f holes- Rout the edges to accept the sides. Glue the center blocks onto the back.

4. No idea what the sides should be- A wood that steam bends well- I'd like a very thin body (is 1.5 inches possible?)- Bend these out one piece per side to fit in the rout edges of the top and bottom.

5. Glue it up

6. Anyone make a 12 string TOM Bridge? Could go with a trapeze tail but no intonation

7. Or use 335 trapeze tail with TOM

7. Debating on p90s vs filltrons

In summary, I'm not after a resonate body, I want low sustain and just a tad on the bright side.

So time for your input!

-Any thoughts on what this would sound like?

-Wood choices

-I know this is unusual construction, but does it sound like a reasonable garage project for a first hollow body?

-Most important, any reason this can't be a good 6 string or a good 12 string?

-Also what kind of software do you guys use to draw this stuff out? Freeware cad of some sort?

Looking forward to your input!

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