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Wiring This 3 Way Switch


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hello, i write from italy, can anyone help me to draw the schematic of this 3 humbucker - 3way switch without pickup split and pickup mix?


Bianco = White

Rosso = Red

the switch is a 3 way owned from a telecaster style guitar

now with this switch i want to pick up sound from the 3 humbucker without splitting or mixing them

the schematic of the switch is like this


i think it's a common schematic switch...

can you help me to complete the wiring schematic posted above?

thanks a lot, friends

greetings from italy :D

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uhm, i've found the pickup color codes from internet

on ibanez-dimarzio pickup red is +, white is -

on jacksons pickup red is -, white is +

on ibanez pickups i've 2 wires

on my jackson i have four wires

read this please http://www.guitarelectronics.com/category/...ckupcolorcodes/

on jackson, joining the black wire with the green, i've the same result with red/white wires, like ibanezs, but with the wires color inverted, right?

my english is ok? lol

thanks a lot :D

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I was talking about the wires from the bridge and neck volumes to the switch. I'm sorry I didn't make myself clear.

But I'm glad you said what you did. It won't make any difference sonically in this project because none of the pickups will be on at the same time, but for future reference, to make a humbucker series and in phase (the normal way- without any mods) you solder the two finishes (red and white) together and not the starts (green and black). If you look at the link above you will notice that you are soldering the two starts together. This will make the pickups out-of-phase with other pickups. But as I said above, since none of the pickups are combined, it will sound the same either way. Hope that made sense :D

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