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September Contest

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Since Project Guitar.com is officially 1 year old this month I would first of all like to thank each and everyone of you for helping make this place what it has become today.

Project Guitar has grown in leaps and bounds over the past year and it is time the Guitar of the Month contest is handed over to all the members, so show us your axe in this thread!

The contest is open to any and all members and will be continued each month for a place showing your creation on the homepage!

If you have a website the picture will link directly to it if you so choose (even commercial site's).

If your a forum member you will also be upgraded to a Featured member which allows you to see the Advanced Chat section and download area.

An additional prize (yet to be determined) will be awarded to the one person that win's this contest in a poll to be taken starting the 22nd and ending on the 29th of this month.

So show us your creation in this thread! You've got till midnite EST the 21st then this thread gets locked!

Side note, if you are unable to post a picture you can e-mail one to Brian and it will be posted for you

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Ooo, that purdy :D have you updated your site yet, because its cool!

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No. 1


2 piece Slovenian walnut body :-) with 4 piece flamed maple top...all oiled, binding is natural B)

Body shape inspired by PRS™

Kinda "flamed" maple neck with beatifull bright rosewod fretboard (22 frets, jumbo medium frets), MOP dot inlays (a little bigger than usual)

Unique shape of headstock (my design :-) )

gold hardware, Bridge-SD Jeff Beck humbucker, Neck-DiMarzio PAF

Ebony acoustic bridge (strings through body)...inspired by Carvin AE185 (I'm frequently on Carvin BBS...Brian you know why =0) )

Standard wiring (like PRS) without one exception...tone knob is not tone knob but kinda humbucker splitter and everything in between (i dont use tone knob at all and I feel more confortable without push-puls :D

Gotoh tuners







body:3piece honduras mahogany with 2piece flamed maple top, natural binding

one piece maple neck, ebony fingerboard, 21frets

Floyd Rose original (from old US Hamer)

Pickups: Bridge: SDuncan JB, middle: alnico II, neck: from LesPaul from 68'





Unfortunately both sold :D

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a month huh?well i might be able to finish one of my projects in that time :D

good competition.it should be fun

I hope I can get mine done this month too. I've got all the pieces but I still need to apply the finish and assemble everything.

There's a lot of beautiful work already posted. Competition is going to be tough.

If anyone cares to preview the guitar... it's here.

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Thanks for hosting Brian!!

Well, I thought I would submit mine too but I guess my pic host doesn't allow direct linking here. So I added the URL links. It is a solid carved(2 piece) Walnut archtop body with a Carvin Maple/Ebony neck. I gave the headstock a walnut burl overlay and it's gorgeous(even though my pics came out like crap!). The truss rod cover and bridge plate are highly flamed maple with an ebony insert and it holds a piezo transducer pickup that leads to a Barcus Berry preamp that I retrofitted into the body.









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Here's my September Offering.

Meet 'The Floyd Bird'.


Birdseye Maple capped front and rear

Honduran Mahogony body

Stew-Mac 'Jackson' neck, with same Birdseye veneered on the face

Sperzel Locking tuners

Floyd Rose Original Wham-O recessed route

EMG 'Lukather' pickup setup (SV/SV/85)

Controls: Volume, Tone, EMG EXG control, EMG Afterburner Pre-amp

Fake-Out Gibson truss-rod cover

Regular Nitro Lacquer finish

Body includes a rear tummy route and an upper fret access route

It was really rainy and overcast around here today, else the pics would be a little nicer with a better reflection on the finish...oh well.. :D

Headstock Shot

Left Side Body Shot

Right Side Body Shot

Close-Up Controls Shot

Rear Body Shot

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Posted for gw_guitars


Okay, here's the story.

I wanted to built a guitar but wasn't sure if it would work so I didn't want to spend a lot of money.

The only thing I knew was that it had to be an explorer type.

So I just started.

The neck was a gift from a good friend (and colleague).

It is an ESP neck.

It is a glued-in neck (not originally but I made it so)

The machine heads came of an old korean guitar and were not in a good shape so I had to fix them.


The body is mahogany. Don't know what quality cause the wood comes out of the gym at the highschool were I work.

It is constructed out of 6 parts of planks. 3 horizontal and 3 vertical all glued together and on top of each other. ( hope this is understandable)

The pick ups came out of the trash can. In other words they were broken.

It took some time to fix them but it worked. I only know the bridge pick up is a Di marzio X2n. The neck pick up I don't know.

Three way switch of an automobile.

Volume pot out of a broken radio.

The bridge is made out of 2 pieces aluminium of a weather strip (draught excluder)

The saddles came of the same korean guitar but were all a different sizes (cheap stuff) so I had to file them straight and the correct size.

The springs on the pick ups were stolen out of the ball-point pens of my colleague's.

The paint is 6 layer's of red polyurethane and 18 layer's clear polyurethane.

The paint is not sprayed or rollered but I used an ordinary brush.(like a house painter).

I waited 8 weeks to let the paint harden and sanded it down with grid 600 to 1500.

Then polish. (ordinary car polish).


It's probably not the most beautifull guitar on this site but I think it follow's the expression: Building from scratch.

Anyway, the guitar plays great, sounds good, is not out of tune and i like it.



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