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Simple Question About Control Holes

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I am new to this board and working on my frist project. It is a bolt-on neck, carved-top baritone...anyhow, I am getting near the end and I have a question that I cannot seem to find the answer to in any book or online.

I am ready to create the hole for a gibson-style three-way pickup selector...only, the way the top is carved it seems like the selector will not sit flush to the surface inside the control cavity if it the hole is drilled such that the selector sits flush on the top of the guitar. What is normally done about this? Does my question make sense...it is a bit hard to describe.

My thoughts were to maybe sand the inside of the cavity where the selector will sit until the contour matches the top's contour, then the selector should mount flush on both sides. Somebody help a brother out and let me know if I am insane or not.



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Lp's have an angled cavity for the pots, but the cavity for the 3-way switch is not angled. On an lp, the carve where the swtich sits is subtle enough to make it a non-issue. You might want to try going the same route. If you want the switch to sit flush with the top, just route the hole for the shaft perpendicular to that point on the top, rather than perpendicular to the inside of the cavity.



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Unfortunately the guitar is not an LP shape...more of a PRS shape so the switch needs to be located in the same cavity as the pots...it saves me the trouble of making a second control cavity somewhere else...and on a double-cut style like this there are not too many places for another one.

I should have though of this earlier in my design and perhaps left a more flat space for the controls...you live and you learn! I think I'll try my sanding idea tomorrow after a good night's sleep to mull it over. This should make both surfaces parrallel so the pot shaft is perpendicular to both the top surface (as you suggest) and the control cavity surface inside.

Thanks, Russ. Cheers.

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I would counter bore the hole for the 3 way. that way it stands straight up and the top's carve is a non issue.

It'll take a set of steel balls to try to do it on an already carved top. Big chance of the bit jumpin around if its not clamped to the drill press really tight.

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Hey, thanks for the help guys. I did sone slight sanding on the inside of the control cavity to attempt to match the guitar top curve and I drilled the controls holes perpendicular to the guitar top. This worked out fine. The controls each sit perpendicular to the surface from which they protrude.

I'll post pictures when the guitar is finished.

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