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Mini Switches


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Just out of curiosity... what's the difference between the on/off/on, on/on/on and /on/on mini switch types? What are the different ones usually used for?

Which one would you use just like a normal 3-way selector for pickups?

Which one would you use for a 3-way kill switch with the kill in the center, and on on both sides? (i'm gunna hazard a guess at the on/off/on for htis one... but how would it be wired? cause from the look of it these things have like 6 solder points!?)


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The 6 lugs are 2 independent poles/switches, electrically. They're just controlled by a single physical switch. For the kill switch, you want an on-off-on. I was actually surprised at how hard it is to find the pictures of the various switch types online; I think they're in the Guitar Player Repair guide, and I'm sure StewMac used to have little diagrams, but I found this. Should help:


Scroll down for diagrammatic representations of the various switches.

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