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Whata' Ya' Do With A Rusty Tremolo?

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some of you may remember me telling you about an old kahler i took of a platinum BC Rich Strat. well i put it back on so i could use the guitar at school. Problem is, one of the saddles has a really rusty roller that doesnt move which makes changing strings difficult. second, the same saddles height adjusting screws are rusted tight and wont budge, i even poured WD-40 on it and it did nothing. Third, the bloody thing does stay in tune more then 10 seconds, is that from not tightening the saddle screws below the bridge plate?


Oh and its a Kahler 2500

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Either get the saddle off the guitar or the whole bridge if needed. You don't want oil or WD-40, Liquid wrench, etc ,getting on the guitar, or down into any wood screw holes.

Worst case, I guess would be if the rusted screws have to be drilled out, but not a good DIY job without experience doing that.

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Dan Erlewine suggests:

"If the part's free of the guitar, apply a little heat with a propane torch or soldering iron, which causes parts to expand and contract and often breaks the rusted bond."

Don't overheat it though, and make sure you've cleaned off all of your flammable solvents first!!!

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i will be sure to give that a try, thanks man....while im here, would you recommend painting a tremolo? since the parts i want to paint have to string contact so if i used car engine paint i should be fine shouldnt i?

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