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Gluing Pieces Together (center Line ?)

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Hey guys !

I realized today that my plank wasn't wide enough for the shape I'll be doing. I'm missing like 3-4 inches or so.

Since I'll be ordering a plank of probably the same size at the same place, I'll have to glue them to get the right size. Now my question is...for saving some wood, can I glue just the 3-4 inches part to my first plank and then do as usual, or would it be stronger or better to glue the two planks, and center the body so that the glued section (line) is pretty much the center of the body ?

thanks !!


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Are you talking about a body that you are going to paint?

If so, I would say go ahead and add the width to the existing body material.

Otherwise it would seem you would need to split the first piece and add the 3-4 in. to the middle to keep it symmetric.

Or, if you had some other wood, you could add some laminates in the center and make it look like a neck through design.

If strength is your main issue, a properly formed glue joint is generally stronger that the wood itself.

Note: I am just thinking outloud here, never really had or solved your problem before.

Good Luck,

d ward

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