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Making My Own Binding

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The eaisest way is to prepare a block as thick and as long as your binding, and the rip it length wise into strips on the bandsaw. I planed one face true, ripped a length of binging, replaned the face - ripped another piece, replamed etc.

This meant each piece had one good face. The other face can be can be cleaned up by running through a thickness sander to bring to final thickness.

If you want a side purfling, glue a veneer to the block before ripping the strips and rip it with the veneer side up to minimise splintering.

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I usually true up a block(longer the better, preferably at least 32"). Then I rip it with my bandsaw. I don't usually plane or sand between rips, but I would if the board looked like it needed it. I then run a group of them through my thickness sander, acouple light passes on one side(cleaning) then flip and take them to thickness on the other side.


P.S. If you can try to rip them quartersawn as much as possible(avoiding runout). It makes them much more stable when bending.

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