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Stripping To The Body

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I'm in a hurry so I'll make it short.

Can someone please give me a step by step description on how to strip my guitar to the body? I mean no pickups, no neck, no knobs or treble switch, all that jazz. Just right down to nothing but the wood.

Thank you.

- Shea Donoghue

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its not that hard,

Take the 4 bolts out of the back of the neck (providing its a bolt on neck)

take the screws out of the pickgaurd

pull the knobs of the pots

unscrew the pots (little nut on top)

de-solder the solder joints

and, then most of it is just pickin away at the little stuff of getting it all apart


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Usually we don't get questions about taking things apart, as most people can disassemble things. Now, it's another question as to if they are actually doing it right or not.. lol That why most the time it's the putting things back together that we get questions about. But it's good to know that you wanted to actually find out how to get the parts off correctly. Follow what Curtis P said as he pretty much summed it up and you should be fine for a bolt on type guitar. The main thing you need to do is remember or take notes of how things was before you took them off, and you shouldn't have any problems later on when you get ready to put them back on the guitar.

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