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My New Limba T

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Thanks for the kind words - and maybe someday I will be able to build a Tele as nice as the ones posted by Drak in the past.

Yes, I do post on Ron's forum. I have #109 on order with him - it should be completed in the very near future :D . Here is a pic - talk about a Limba machine - 2 xP90 and a Hum in the bridge. Also, a link to some of the in progress shots, not to mention a future ash Thorn.


Limba Thorn #109

#109 - Back

While I am typing - here is a couple of more links to some LPJRs I plan on doing this summer - my first two neck projects.

JRs - Limba, Mahog



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Cool LP doublecut

I like the flow of this guitar, especially the back. The stripe runs through the entire guitar. (Kinda like the TangTop by gareman(sp?))

I'm curious to what kind of fretboard you're using.

Also, do you actually use the middle pickup? Or is that more of a cosmetic thing?

The guitar is one that is being built by Ron Thorn -

I think the middle pup will be used - it will be wired much like a strat (should result in some nice in between sounds).

The fret board is brazillian rosewood


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Well I just finished the tele:

- 1 Piece Black limba

- Harmonic Design Pups

- Warmoth Neck

- Tru Oil finish


Here are a few more shots:

In progress shots



A few more of the finished product:




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