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Js30rr Custom Project


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There it is.

Ok, so I am about to order two blank ebony fretboards for my Jackson JS30RR. All I'm going to do to it at first is the custom inlay and paint the pickup covers white. I will wait and see if I really feel as though I should do the EVH paint job as well, but from the PhotoShop mock-ups, I think just the inlay and the white pickup covers would look really great as is.

So, one of the fretboards will be a test run. I have been practicing on scrap wood for about a week with a Dremel only, no special attachments or anything, and I must say I've become quite skilled at it. However, I will be ordering that router attachment from StewMac and the correct bits for the Dremel itself to do the routing properly. The other board, in case my "test run" isn't all that great, will be the "for real" attempt. If that goes south...well then I guess I'll be sending my idea to a luthier to get the work done "professionally".

As far as painting the pickup covers white, will Krylon rattle cans be ok? If so, which white one should I get that will leave me with a satin/matte white finish. I don't want a glossy coat, I just want a satin white pickup cover. Also, I haven't found anything on the net as of yet on how to get the pickup covers off of the pickup, and I also haven't taken the pickups out to see if the covers just simply come off. Anyone know how much of a hassle, if any, it will be to get those off to paint? Will painting the covers affect my tone a lot? Or basically in such a miniscule way, also if at all, that I won't notice a change in tonal characteristics/qualities?

As far as the fretboard work is concerned, I'm trying to get that cloudy white shell for my inlay. Would just regular MOP with the swirls in it do the trick...such as the blank pieces available froom StewMac...or should I look somewhere else? I need a pretty big piece, or three pieces, large enough to cover the fretboard width-wise, and about two inches length-wise for each peice if 3 seperate. Any hints for suppliers?

What are the best bits to get for my Dremel for this purpose? I have been using this steel one that has a ball type end on it with grooves in it, it chops the wood away fairly easily on the 4 or 5 setting. The only advantage I have seen so far with getting the router attachment from StewMac is that it's extremely difficult, and actually almost impossible, to make the route level on the bottom by going at it free-hand.

As far as installing the fretwire, I have a Craftsman drill press here. What do I need/can I get to press the frets in with it? Or, can I just get the appropriate hammer and just hammer them in after slightly bending them? I'm trying to go at this the cheapest way possible, mostly using existing tools and equipment I already have. Obviously I don't have the fretting hammer, fretwire, blank MOP pieces, or the correct glues and sandpaper, paint, or the Dremel bit(s)/router attachment...but everything else...actually it seems as though all I have is the Dremel. *Sigh*. I don't think I should buy a bunch of expensive luthery tools for me to do one little project and never use again.

Alright, I think that covers the gameplan. Any advice/tips/tricks/hints/price help/suppliers/anything that anyone wants to tell me about? :D Thanks in advance.


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