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Puzzle Board Top

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I was looking through the new stuff showed at winter namm and i saw the new RG ibanez has coming out. http://www.ibanezrules.com/namm/images/2006/P1010062.JPG

How would u go about doing a puzzle board top? Cutting each piece with a jewelers saw so they fit exact?

Here is the side view, they are actually individuall pieces.


Design the pattern, glue the dark wood onto the top of the guitar, then inlay the lighter wood pieces? Done right would give the gapless match

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I can't find the link, but there's a bass builder (I think Dutch, actually) who's done something similar, just with smaller puzzle pieces, and more subtly placed ones that are stained differently. Looks absolutely awesome, much slicker than that Ibanez, which is a bit too 'bold' for me.

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-Draw out the basic puzzle design you want.

-Copy it to your two pieces of wood- one light; one dark.

-Cut the light wood.

-Cut the dark wood.

-Replace dark pieces with their respective light pieces (or vice versa).

BTW- the thickness of the pieces in those pics looks close to 4mm.

If you gave them the necessary files and the sheets of wood, I'm sure someone with a laser cutter could rip out the two sheets for ya at a decent price.

(Sorry if the inlay bretheren think that's cheating. LOL)

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I have done this for a coffee table top. It is like Kevan mentioned, but instead of cutting one at a time, you cut both at the same time, that way they both have the same dimensions. One thing is that there will be a slight gap between the 2 colors. The thinner the blade that you use, the better it will look.

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:D wouldn't that be a cardboard capped guitar then? :D I hear some poor Les Paul coppies have them B)

I think Ibanez have probably done what Maiden said. Knowing Ibanez you'll probably find guitars with the 'inverse' of that pattern where they've used the other half of the cut outs from the two sheets!


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This thing really appeals to me for some reason...very nice

I was wondering how conklin did those melted tops recently, I guess it could be done with a similar technique. Good way of using up the little bits of leftover wood if not enough for a whole cap, eh!

It's true about the elves, but this one doesn't have the handy little red handles to remove the pieces...you could do something with farm animals like my son has I guess... :D


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