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Swamp Ash And Mahogany (ash Top Mahogany Back)

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Hi all, long time lurker, first time poster. woohoo my first post!

Now seriously, I have been researching wood and its tones for some time (and using the search feature :D ) I will list some of the references for those with similar questions to mine:







In all my research, I have not been able to find anything on the combination of Swamp Ash and Mahogany. So I humbly ask for your views. (I'm leaning towards inch thick Swamp ash for the front and inch thick mahogany for the back.)

Just for some context:

it is for a neck through 6 string electric. Neck is maple/kwila/maple/ironbarkmaple/kwila/maple laminate. Fingerboard: Ebony.

it is probably going to replace my current main guitar which is a Ibanez Jem 77BFP (maple fingerboard), Dimarzio Norton in the Bridge Pos.

Good to finally be here and thanks in advance,

Fraser. :D

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Well, I'm of the type that thinks that your choice of pickups accounts for most of the sound, although the body wood type might help with sustain.

But your question raises another question: are certain wood types incompatible with each other --for example, does mahogany tend to move more over time than ash, and can that cause problems?

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