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Removing Wood From Body

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I've got a strat and I've never been happy with the sound of it - it sounds very thin.

But thinking about it, I chiselled out a little wood under the scratchplate to fit in some oversized humbuckers. How much would the loss of this wood affect the tone of the guitar?

I'm thinking of getting a tele now, and if I get a standard body, I'd definitely have to remove some of the body to get a normal sized humbucker in there.

So how much of an effect does/would this have?

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Chisel? Thats scarry. You want to use a router and a template.

Also is this an american strat? Your going to kill the value of the guitar. You might want to try some stacked humbucker or higher output singles first. Stomp boxes go along way towards fat single coil sound too.

If you dont dig SC sound, you might just need a hum equiped guitar?

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