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1-piece Neck

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Hi, does anyone have a tutorial on how to build a one piece strat or tele neck??? its for a 50s tele and my problem is the trussrod and trussrodadjustment, which is at the heel. how do i have to route the channel and what kind of trussrod do i have to use. for what else do i have to watch out?? thanks for your help. hav ea nice sunday, helge

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By one-piece neck, I assume you mean with a mape board that's all part of the neck? I believe they route the channels for those from the back, hence the "skunk stripe" (the darker wood glued in the back to cover the route) Don't they drill holes from either end of the neck to then meet up with these routes? I think there's a discussion of this in Hiscock's book. The rod used is a standard one-way compression rod, so the channel needs to be curved.

I had a Peavey guitar once with an interesting build on the neck - the neck was made of two pieces of maple - half a trussrod route was made in each one from the side, then they were glued back together around the trussrod. The end result was a maple neck with a maple board and no stripe down the back. Looked nice. Mine was obviously made from two separate pieces of wood, but I bet with a bandsaw you could slice a neck blank down the middle and do this and have it look like a single piece after joining it back up. Actually, book-matching a figured maple piece like you do to a top could look really good, too.

I had no clue about this until I looked up the patent number stamped on the neck out of curiosity - after which I realized that this neck had no stripe, nor a seperate board.

EDIT: That patent number is 4,237,944 for those curious.

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I know for a fact that musicman does their necks the way j.pierce described...

In their FAQ:

Q: How is the trussrod inserted into a maple neck? Is it one piece of wood?

A: When we make a solid maple neck, the neck is cut horizontally lengthwise, routed for the trussrod, the trussrod is inserted. Then the neck is carefully glued back together so it is barely detectable that it was ever apart.

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