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Raising/filling Nut Slot?

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So I finally got to the point of stringing up the last of the three guitars I was building.

So far, it's terrific, except the low E nut slot got cut just slightly too low! Oops. I'll be ordering some extra nut blanks shortly, but I'm wondering in the meantime, if there isn't a way to fill the nut slot a bit to raise it up temporarily; just because I'm itching to play this one so badly. A bit of epoxy? I can't imagine it's a great long-term solution, but for now would it work?

I'm thinking of just dropping a slightly larger string in there and seeing if that doesn't do it.

All in all I'm pretty pleased with these guitars, and really appreciate all the help from these forums. You guys are great! Pictures soon. (I think Idtch/Mickguard will like this last one, it's somewhat reminisce of his Rocket or a Rickenbacker. It also has a pickguard. A Big One.)

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You can drop a bit of CA into the slot and add some bone (or whatever your nut is made of) dust. That should work well for the long term. No need for a new nut.

A larger string won't help....the problem is that the bottom of the slot is too low. The bottom of a larger string will still be at that too low position.

Hope this helps.


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There's also the superglue-baking soda recipe. There's a chemical reaction involved that turns it into a superhard substance, I filled a nut with it about 5 years ago, and it's still going strong.

As an experiment on another nut, I mixed superglue, baking soda and graphite pencil shavings together. Looked kind of ugly against a white nut, but it worked.

Whichever you choose, use masking tape to tape off the sides of the slot so you won't have to worry about cleanup--the mixture will end up fitting the slot exactly. (Mask off everything else too, you don't want this stuff getting on your guitar.

Oh yeah, the chemical reaction lets off some powerful fumes, make sure there's ventilation and don't lean over it when you do it.

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