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My other project almost ready to show....


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Ive been working on a Fender 'relic' for a while now and Im almost finished. Butterscotch Blonde with aged plastics, genuine USA Fender pickups, even found a genuine trem with the pressed steel saddles with the Fender Logo stamped into each one. The only thing I cant quite bring myself to do is wear through the new paint or puts dints in it.

Got some good tips on aging plastic too. Early Fender scratchplates had a green tinge to the colour along with the natural yellowing as they age. A white scratchplate was soaked in very hot water with a couple of drops of green food colouring. After a day or so the plastic should be stained slightly green. I did this to 2 scratchplates, as I over did it with the green colouring and it turned 'REALLY' green. A UV sun tanning lamps turns the plastic yellow in a matter of hours.

Other parts came from Fender were the 'relic' knobs and pickup covers. The pots were from the same US strat as the pickups. The body started life as an ash??? '82 strat body aquired (read......swapped for lots of beer :D ) from another friend.

The neck is getting refinished at the moment complete with decal. Luckily It was an original strat neck so I can still live with myself for replacing the logo. Im not going to do this myself as fret work scares the hell out of me.

Ill get some pics up in the next few days.

If any one has any info on pre CBS fenders, ie websites and such, links would be greatly appreciated.

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I have been working on a Relic tutorial as well....work has been keeping me busy as well as a wife and kid (you know the story)

Anyway, I would be happy to share what I did (most importantly what NOT to do) to make my Relic dream a reality

Ther is a LOT of bogus informaiton & techniques out there when it comes to relicing

Stuff that will DESTROY parts!

Present SERIOUS health hazards

& some sugestions that are downright stupid!

I tell you this because I would love to help you avoid the countless mistakes I made

If you have any questions or need any help, let me know

Can't wait to see the pictures! :D

Dave K

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Wife = Not much time for guitars :D

Im not sure whether I want to go the whole relic way. I cant bring myself to tarnish and scuff up the guitar, I looks so nice now.

Kinda like a 62 Stat that has been played 5 or 6 times a year and kept in a case under a bed the rest of the time.

I appreciate your offer of help tho and will definately be asking questions!!!!


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Thanks for the heads up, on my way over there now!!!!

2 pac paint rocks!!!!!

Only thing is you need a spray booth and breathing gear to do it properly.

As for the finish, I pretty much painted over the original poly finish. I filled the small nicks and scratches with resin, scraped them flat with a new razor blade, and sanded the whole body with a palm sander unti I started to break through the colour. Contours were done by hand. At no stage did I hit bare wood, so there wasnt any grain filling to do. :D I was originally concerned with how the new finish would stick to the old one but a friend who paints cars for a living summed it up pretty well -

"2 pac paint is hard enough to withstand stone chips at 100km/hour. As long as the base is absolutely smooth and dust/grease free, it aint comming off your guitar in a hurry!!"

Time will tell;)

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