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neck pocket length

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I'm thinking about trying out short set neck tennon's or "bolt in" necks, but i can't decide weather to use the traditional 3" length pocket that most bolt on's are, or play it safe and go with a 3½" length cause the neck thins down to 17/32's under the neck pickup. Obviously the long screw would move towards the neck if the pocket were made longer. But i really want to go with 3" cause it gives me just that much more room for playing the upper frets, what do u guys think? Also does 1" seem like a good depth for the neck pocket for this type of heel?

NOTE this picture isn't perfectly to scale!


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well i might glue or bolt.... i'd like to stay with bolt for right now so i could make another neck for the guitar down the road.... but.... 1"x3" that's good enough for the pocket u guys think?

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We'll if you ever have to replace the neck you'll be glad you made a bolt-in... From what I've read they are the best type besides the 3/4 deep neck tenon. PRS uses the bolt-in method.. Fender uses bolt-on.. Gibson uses set neck... and Jaros uses 3/4" deep neck tenon..... Jackson uses neck through if i remember right.. actually... i guess all of them work good.. but only the bolt-in and bolt-on would be quick to change out... lol

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