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Gorrilla And Veneer

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Hi all, If you look to the left you will see the newbie tag........and deservedly so. I have been reading through tutorials and forums for months, and I finally thought I had a good plan of attack for veneering an RG270 (because I have other guitars I would not dare touch). I bought some really nice quilt veneer and I cut it out according to the tutorial. I seen that some people use titebond and others use Gorilla Glue for woodwork. I decided to use gorrilla glue to apply the veneer to my headstock. I set it up like this:

Flat piece of wood to distribute weight of the clamps>>>>



Flat piece of wood so the clamps didn't bore into the headstock>>>

I waited 5 hours before checking my work, and I soon realized that the gorrilla glue expands THROUGH wood in order to bond. I could not get the top piece of wood off!! So the headstock looks like a big paddle! My wife and I laughed for about an hour when I showed it to her!!

But I bet I don't have any bubbling of the veneer under there. At least I succeeded in that. Too bad I will have to remove it all and start over (with titebond).

In case any other newbies out there think they are slick like I did. DON'T VENEER WITH GORILLA GLUE. unless turning your guitar neck into a paddle is what your goal is!

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Well like all of us, you now know how not to do something which is one of the more important lessons to learn.

If possible, always experiment first would be my strongest suggestion.

On the glue, I use the polyurethanes for laminating necks, bookmatching tops or working with cocobolo or other woods that don't glue well.

For large areas or headstock laminates I'd use Titebond.

Either way I always use wax paper or tin foil as a barrier for any glue that might squeeze through a crack, pin hole etc.

The poly glues are strong, but the foaming can be a problem.

Good Luck,

d ward

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Yikes!!!! :D

Glad youpointed that out to me, plus a great tip about the wax paper. Good luck with the project. I'm sure all the wonderfull people here will help you out. Us newbies are all here to learn from our and other's mistakes after all. I'm sure it will turn out fine and turn theRG into your new favorite guitar after it is filled with all your blood, sweat and tears :D.

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I had a bit of a lighthearted chuckle, at your expense but in good will. :D My girlfriend is a kayaker, so if you don't need the extra paddle, send it my way. :D

Great thread, though-- although in hindsight it may seem obvious now, *I* wouldn't have thought of it, and I now have the wax-paper tip stored away in my "filing cabinet".


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