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Sanded Through Part Of The Wood


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If anybody knows, I'd really like to get done sanding this guitar but I don't wanna eat through more wood if I don't need to. To see the pic just copy and paste the website. Sry, it's too big. I don't know how to make them smaller. Thanx.

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Looks to me like you sanded through the factory sealer coat. You didn't "eat" through wood. All those really light spots are actualy wood, and the other spots (minus the black) are sealed with the sealer (basically clear coat).

You can do one of two things, drop fill those area with high solids clear/bondo, or strip the whole body down to barewood and seal it from there. Personally, i'd just drop fill the spots, they're only on the horns. Be more careful when you're stripping!

And FWIW, unless you're doing a natural finish, there's not reason to strip off the factory paint, it's perfectly fine to accept new paint as long as you scuff sand it with 220 grit.

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