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T-o-m Neck Angles And Somthing Else

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i'm new here and i'm currently building another guitar, the few things i'd like to know is...

i'm buying a tone pro's T-O-M bridge with graphtech sadles with a stop tail piece.


i have seen on many guitars that the bridge is at an angle, is this for intonation or somthing else?


lastly could somone please explain what angle my neck pocket should be for a non recessed tune-o-matic? i have templates from guitarbuildingtemplates but how could i get the angles neck pocket i desire? do i use shims at the rear of the template to make it at an angle? if i'm wrong could somone tell me in detail so i can learn.

hopefully as i get further in my project i can start posting my build here aswell as UG



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Hi Paul Filth :D

Welcome to the forum!

Normally people will come in here and say 'search'

And most of time the search will give you the answer. Such is the case for this one.

But wth, I have no school tmrw.

Yes ToM bridges are at an angle for intonation purposes.

(I just went through the post on UltimateGuitar) For neck angle, you could either angle it at the pocket like you said, or you just angle the neck heel. I prefer the latter. Easier.

As far as the neck angle goes, there is no 'absolute'. Most LPs are 2-3 degrees and the headstock is 9ish10ish (not sure.. but you can look this up anytime)

BTW, you're working on a RR copy? Or you're working on the RR copy and the LP?

I see that you tore out some wood using a router.. The next tool you should buy is bandsaw. Just a suggestion.


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i have quite a few joinery shops near by, this time i'm getting it bandsawed out as close to the outlines as possible, then clean it off with my dewalt router.

i'm actually working on a RR coppy and a Washburn Idol (i used the LP just as an example) and yeah that tear out was bad, but i think it was more to do with the quallity of the mahogany and the buscuit joins.

and thanks for the informative reply.

i'm going to get/order the parts, but before i do, would a 1" 11/16" nut width and at the very end of the fret board its 2" 3/16" would it work with an original floyd rose?

thanks again

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thanks for the informative replies, you guys are really helpfull! i'm glad i joined this site :D

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