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Can A Middle Pickup Interfere With (deep) Picking?

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So far my Gibson SG Std pickup upgrade looks like it would be a vintage vibe PAF for the bridge, and a P90 in the neck, or I’m also considering adding a P90 in the middle for some exciting pickup combinations.

However, I've heard that some do not like using a third pickup because it gets in the way when digging in (deep) with picking. I suppose one could lower the middle pickup somewhat, but then you quickly loose more and more peak performance so you can't do that too much.

If this issue is too much of a problem, then I would resign to a double pickup setup to allow plenty of room for deep picking. I would not think such a thing would be a problem, but I’ve scarcely even demoed a triple pickup guitar. However I've heard it from more than one source that sometimes players complain about triple pickups because of occasionally interfering with picking.

Is this a big deal or not so much? Does a middle position third pickup get in the way of picking for you, or is it something one learns gets accustomed to?

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I'm with Nick. The middle pup on most guitars really cramps my style (if you can call it that). A lot of the guys I play with have three pups on their axes and have no trouble but not me. The only exception I can think of is my uncle's Strat. He moved his middle pup to damn-near the bridge pup and that gives me the room I want to "go diggin' for worms".

Digging ROCKS! :D

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