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Floyd Rose Installation

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hey guys im just new as of last night, and i didnt get time to post, but as you can see my names jonny, i'm a 16 year old guitar player from Ireland, i play Satriani-type style playing in my band RSi. Ive fallen in love with floyd rose bridges, and really i'd like to ask anybody out there if they could give me a little advice on a little project im considering undertaking...

Ive an Ibanez EDR470ex ergodyne guitar, which is my baby. it as you will all know has a floyd rose. My backup guitar is a Shine SIL62 wich, again has a floyd rose. im considering modding up a very old little westfield sg i owned when i started guitar playing 8 years ago. I used to love SG's and still do love their shape, but im sick of tune-o-matic bridges, and well, i'd like to ask if it is humanly possible to stick a floyd rose on one....

im also planning to respray the head (Covering up the logo, and having a designer freind of mine spray on a design and my signature. im also planning on installing seymour duncan invader humbuckers.)

so basically, can you put a floyd rose on an sg? can you buy ones without having to cut up the body? ive heard you can get ones for les pauls, so surely its the same principle,.. right?

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WOW! thanks so much! im very close to buying one, what im going to do now is bring a ruler to my guitar shop and check that the westfield sg's stopbar and bridge are the same width apart as the gibson, is there any chance any Gison sg owners out there could help me out? it may be a few days before i call into my nearest shop....

if any of you own an sg, could you measure the distance from the bridge bolt to the stopbar bolt and put me out of my worrying?

please! thanks so much!!! And thank you "redwhiteandthemaple" for that link! im really interested in one now!!

im so close!!

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Errr...aren't all SG's flat bodied ? A LP trem is made for a carved top so it's not really suitable for a slab fronted SG. Oh, and another thing - the string spacing on TOM's tends to be narrower than trems, hence F spaced pickups, so you may want to check that the 'E's aren't gonna fall off the side of the fretboard before you start buying things and hacking holes in it.

Jem :D

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NP dude.

The stetsbar will fit a SG, carved top or not

Read here

Also, like Batfink mentioned you should check for your string spacing!

Just email them, I'm sure they'll reply, they do want customers :D

Sry can't help ya out with the SG as I don't own one..

Maybe this might help too. Look under "Tang Top"

I think he's the first one on this forum to build 1 with stetsbar.. as far as I can remember.


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