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hi i'm oren.]

i just finished restor an old guitar )fender style(

and now i need to deal with the electronics.

i want something like this:

-- 2 singel pickups.

--one humbucker pickup (bridg pickup).

i want only two sound options in my guitar:

sound option one: two singels only.

sound option two: humbucker only.

i need to do it with a classic fender sound chooser...

and after all the wiring i want thet all the wires go to the volume button (no tone!)

and from the volume direct to the PL/

can you help me acorrding to the draw??

please please please :D

you can even edit ny draw and send it, it will be more comfortable...(:

thank you!

sorry for my english.... :D

http://s77.photobucket.com/albums/j77/oren...urrent=fhfg.jpg (link to the draw!)

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Hi Oren, Welcome to the forums :D

how many positions do you have on the sound chooser? is it a normal 5-position switch for a strat?

Or a 3 way switch like on a tele? Or is it only 2 ways?

It looks like a strat switch. (with the 8 tongues)

So if there are 5 choices on the switch, which ones do you want to select the singles, and which do you want to select the humbucker?

If you wire it like a normal strat, you would have 5 choices:

1. neck single

2. neck and middle singles

3. middle single

4. middle single and bridge humbucker

5. bridge humbucker

(The diagram for a 5 position strat with a humbucker can be found here: http://static.zoovy.com/img/guitarelectron.../wdu_hss5l12_03

which is more options than you wanted, but if you wanted only 2 choices, you could have positions 1-3 for the 2 singles, and position 5 for the humbucker. position 4 give all 3 pickups.

Or you could have position 3 as a 'kill switch' where it gives no sound at all. This can be good for fast switching on and off, like radiohead.

But if it's not a 5 position switch then how many positions does it have?

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