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Tune-o-matic Brands

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This is my first post as well as my first build. I have searched and found a few close answers to my questions, but these are the ones I have remaining that I did not find answers for. I have decided to use a string through body TOM bridge, which I am probably going to recess instead of creating a neck angle. I have been looking on the stewmac website at the bridges and do not know which ones are good quality and which to stay away from.

The Gotoh 510 is like $80 for just the bridge, while the Schaller roller bridge is about $40 and then they drop off to about $15-$20 from their. I like the idea of the roller saddles sinec they will not create as sharp of an angle for the strings to go over, hopefully resulting in longer sting life. I also like the fact that I can change the string spacing, but will they be likely to move on their own and mess up the spacing. If the Gotoh costs that much, are the quality on the other ones that poor that they can be sold so cheap, or are you paying for the Gotoh name with their bridge? I would appreciate any opinions from people who have used the different bridges

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Gotoh's got a regular TOM that only runs between 15-20 bucks, and I've always been very pleased with their stuff. Gotoh's 510 series is their top-end, but their 'vanilla' stuff is not to be scoffed at (warmoth's got good prices for those, and for tuning machines as well).

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