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Hot Wiring A Pickup


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Hi guys. I have a Seymour Duncan JB SH-4, and I was wondering if I could get it hot-wired... how is this possible?

I asked someone briefly about their pickups and how they get their sound, and he said his pickup is hot-wired. His pickup was a '59 model though...

Can anyone help me?

Thanks guys.


I also tried a google search about actually hot-wired pickups... all I seem to get are tips on stealing pickup trucks...

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I wonder if he just means that he is wiring the pickup directly to the output jack and doesn't have any tone or volume controls?

If so, that would be one massively bright sounding setup. Most people like to load down their pickups (with resistance of some sort....either a pot or an actual fixed resistor, etc.) at least a little bit to give them some warmth.

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Thanks, but I saw him play onstage, and he uses the volume control quite a bit. And a whole song is played with the tone all the way down... so that can't be possible.

Darn, I'm not gonna be able to talk to this guy again either, I met him in Jamaica.

Thanks anyways. :D

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Could he mean overwound?

A pickup with lots of windings could be described as a 'hot' pickup, thats what I would guess he meant.

Even if you had the same pickups, there are many factors that affect tone; just having the same pickups is no guarantee that it would sound the same as his setup.

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