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Calculating Force Of Strings

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Alrighty then, god knows if what section this goes in but here goes.

I don't suppose anyone knows the force created by a set of tuned up strings (i.e. the tension in the strings)? Well actually I could do with the formula as I need to calculate it with a whopping 17-56 gauge. Is there a "this frequency (note) will be produced by a wire of this length and thickness if it's at this tension"? Actually I know there is, I just can't find it.

Alternatively, anyone fancy attaching one to a fishing scale and tuning it up :D

Cheers dudes

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If I recall correctly, most strings are designed to fall within a certain range of tension when they are tuned to their designed pitch, regardless of gauge.

Next time do a google search before you post a question. I just googled "guitar string tension" and this site came up number two in the list:


Not to sound like an ass or anything, if course. ;-)

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Cheers guys, very handy.

Primal - You're right I should have searched properly first. Problem with only having the internet at work is that I only get to go on it in dribs and drabs and generally it's all a bit of a rush. Especially on Monday when consultants seem to go mad. Sometimes my quick flick through the google results are a bit lame. Don't worry, I'll tell you if you sound like an ass :D (you do smell like one though :D )

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