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Help,a Bit Of A Dissaster

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well i bought my body,shaped it down and noticed there was big holes,almost like woodworm,but this wood had been treated and the only thing i can think of doing was filling with wood filler as they were that big :D

well its a mistake,there are yellow lines,i'm sure they can be easily scraped out with a needle if need be,i've took pics

even if i did scrape out..what can i do to fix this :D

i'm going to stain it in a dark brown along with the front(a bookmatched burled olive ash veneer)

any way i tried to take pics the best i can,





even if i added another thin veneer on the back,it would cover up the back,but leave the belly contour as normal alder(wich has no defects in it)

heres a pic of the back http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y103/mads...rs/DSCF0004.jpg

does any1 have any visual aide's off this?adding a .6mm or so thin veneer to a back?

any idea's appreciated


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I agree, it gives it character.

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