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Looking For A Specific Type Of Bridge

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I'm look for a strat 2-point (or 6-point) standard tremolo bridge with bent saddles instead of solid ones

I've only seen it on one instrument before (a highway 1 strat of all things), and its owner said it was stock. any does anyone know where I can purchase a bridge or bridge-saddles like this? or perhaps how one could make them? The reason I want them is just because of tonal differences.


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What exactly are you looking for? Seriously, I have 3 in my garage right now and all 3 came from different sources. What you have to watch for is string spacing and saddle width. American Fender saddles tend to be wider than imports. Saddle height isn't much of a factor since they're adjustable. If it were me (and it isn't) I would not pay StewMac prices for something I could get on the bay for 10 bucks or less all day long. :D

Search terms: fender stratocaster vintage bridges

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