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What Goes Where?


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When hooking my Tom Delonge up there's a black wire that goes to the output jack and a white wire that goes to the output jack. And of course there's two places in the out put jack for them. One for each hole. Does it matter which one goes where? I've soldered guitars before but this time I had a lot of feedback and squeeling so I thought I might've just been lucky those other times and got it right. Thanks, Trey.

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um. are you actually serious? i dont want to sound mean but this is very basic stuff.

yes it matters. one is hot, one is ground. the one coming from the casing of the volume pot is ground. that one goes to the hole on the jack thats at the top of this picture http://www.rosetti.co.uk/spares/images/ele...backer08002.jpg]

theres lots of sites out there with basic wiring tutorials. have a read of a few, they'll serve you well and you'll learn some pretty cool and easy things to do with your guitars

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