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Mixing Mags And Piezo Externally?


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All you need (for best results) is a pair of input buffers and a simple mixer with a little make-up gain (6dB is probably more than enough) - probably the easiest idea is a pair of dual opamps, one to buffer the input signals and one to mix/boost the buffered signals. For maximum headroom and lower noise, I'd use an 18v (+/-9v) or higher supply, metal film resistors, decent opamps (ie, not JRC4558s - TL072s or other cheap JFET opamps are almost ideal for this kind of application) and film caps. Jack Orman's AMZ Simple Mixer is a great starting place, just add buffers to the inputs, and you're 'bout done!

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If the piezos are buffered, and the input impedance of your mixer circuit is approximately 1 Megohm or so (to avoid loading the magnetic pickups), then the buffers aren't necessary. However, you may have noise problems with that kind of input impedance. For that matter, you could build two onboard buffer/preamps (one for each set of pickups), and install a blend pot in the guitar. If you've got a specific idea in mind, PM me and we'll see what we can hack together - if it turns out to be useful for other than your purposes, we can post a tutorial on it for everybody.

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Well, I was at first looking at the MIMF preamp and trying to find a way to split the 2 signals with the piezo buffed.

What i'm looking at in the guitar is 2 vol pots + 1 tone for the mags, a vol. for the piezo and 2 LP-type switches

Anyways, I was thinking that it would probably be simpler to install all that mixing stuff outside of the guitar instead of inside... Would make it much simpler I think.

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