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Top For New Uke Bit Warped

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I got the timber for my new uke that im making but the top is slightly warped...)its 2 pieces as Im going to bookmatch the join)......I was wondering..is there anyway to straighten these? Mabye wet them and lie them inbetween to flat objects with wieghts? Or will the bracing hold it flat? its about 2mm at the moment...

Any help would be great



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A little warping is not uncommon with thin wood like this. Especially with it being shipped and the change in climate. Do not wet it! Do not press it between two flat boards. You can place several 1/2" or so strips of wood between them, and add a little weight(not a lot). That way air can get to the wood and it can aclimate. The wood will have flexability to it and will not have to be dead flat( a strong wavy warp would be a concern), but needs to be stable. Hope that helps, Sticker that wood!


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thanks heaps for the help everyone....Im afraid im not quite sure of the term 'sticker it'? :S....


Sticker- Is just what I described. Stacking the wood with spacers(I mentioned 1/2" strips of wood, 1/4" or whatever is same idea). The idea is to allow air flow.

I really suggest you not wet wood this thin. If you do. plan on allowing plenty of time for it to dry out. The first thought is that it is moving a bit because it is adjusting to its new environment-moisture is playing tricks with it(thin wood does that). Wetting would be a absolute last resort IMO. If this was a 1/4" drop top or thicker I would not even think twice about adding moisture.


P.S. It is a good practice to sticker thin wood like this anytime you are storing it. It is a very simple thing but most definatly good insurance and better for the wood.

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