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String Guage

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Hi I am currently using 10-46 strings on a Epiphone Les Paul Custom

If I decide to put on string with higher gauge,let's say 10-52,11-52 or like 12-52

Do i need to re-setup my guitar??

If so,should I give the truss rod some more release before putting the heavier gauge strings on coz I am a little worried that the new strings will damage the nexk due the greater pull???

Or is it ok I just the strings on first??

Thanks a lot :D

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actually you should adjust the truss rod looser.

Hmmm... don't think so. Loosening the trussrod will create even more relief (forward bow), especially if he's switching to heavier gauge strings.

String it up, tune it to pitch, and let it sit awhile. Then check the neck relief. If you have too much forward bow, then tighten the trussrod, carefully and only a 1/4 turn at a time. Let it settle in for a bit, then recheck the relief. You really shouldn't have to tighten it all that much to compensate for the extra string tension.

You'll probably need to adjust the intonation as well.

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If it's alright to put the strings with heavier gauge on first and let it sit for a while

Then I think I'll be able to do the setup

The thing that worries me is the new strings will damage the guitar neck if I do not do some adjustification before putting them on.

It's great to hear that's not the case

Thanks again :D

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