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Truss Rods: Single Vs. Double Action

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Yesterday I had a phone conversation with an experienced luthier who told me that he only uses traditional single action truss rods in his guitars because they make the guitars sound noticably better! He went into an explanation involving kinetic energy being reinforced by the single action rod, and being hampered by a double action rod. At least I think that is what he said, I was kind of confused. He also said that he uses a flat bottom channel for his single action rods rather than a curved channel. But, he slopes the channel downward slightly going towards the body. (?)

So, I thought I would see what opinions I could generate here. What do you think? Does one type sound better than the other, and if so, why? :D

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I say that nobody will notice the tone, and that everything is better about double action rods. They are easier to install, and work alot better. It seems like when everybody does something, they claim its for "tone".

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Yes, they do change the sound. But it's more because of the extra mass than anything else. If you want 'vintage' go for the single one, but I'd go for the double myself.

There's one very respected high end builder who gets double action from a single rod. He tightens the rod about half way and then planes the fretboard level. Very clever but not something I'd try for my first neck.

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