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Ka Motherbucker Wiring Query


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Im about to get a Kent Armstrong Motherbucker and i just have a few ponderings about wiring.

Im putting in an existing circuit so i have a set amount of switches - 2 dpdt (on/on)

I know that i want to tap the pickup (to make it a single hb), but what do people think would be the best use for the other switch?

Also, if anyone knows how to wire the tap and the other switch, i'd be very grateful. I've searched but can't really find anything

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If you're buying a new KA pickup it'll come with a sheet of wireing diagrams. though strangely it doesn't show a diagram for a coil tap switch.

All you do for a coil tap is connect the two 'middle' wires to the common lug on one side of your dpdt and connect one of the selectable lugs to ground:


this is using the KA colour codes for tapping a humbucker to a single coil. For tapping the motherbucker in half you need to connect the white of the first pickup and the black of the second pickup to the lug and then the black of the first to ground the white of the second to hot and the green and red pairs just soldered together (as in solder green and red from pickup one together and green and red from pickup two together). If you want another diagram of that please just say.

Personally if I had two switches for setting up a motherbucker I'd have one for coil tapping it to one humbucker and another for tapping it down to one single coil. I've got a motherbucker in a guitar and have a coil tap on that to a single coil and it sounds quite nice, especially with a taped coil of my neck humbucker.


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