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Sanding Carbon Fiber?

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So despite all my best attempts at planning ahead, I made a silly mistake!

I'm making two necks. The scarf joint on one slipped a bit - not much, but enough that I don't feel comfortable gluing the fretboard over it until I level it. I can actually press-hold the fingerboard until it's pretty much flush everywhere, but I'd rather just have the neck blank flat. Should take about thirty seconds on the sanding stick, most likely. It's a small inconsistency.

Today I glued the carbon rods into one of the necks - but stupid me, I glued them into the neck I have pencilled "NEEDS SLIGHT LEVELING" on in big letters.

So anyway - how workable is that carbon fiber stuff? Any precautions/things I need to know if I attempt to sand it? From what I've read, I'm assuming it's mostly wear gloves, don't breath any dust and watch out for splinters? Should I attempt to level this in another fashion than sanding?


On second look with a straightedge and feeler gauges, the dip is only seems like .011 inches. I'm thinking my fretboard might be slightly warped, compounding the problem because it looked a lot worse being checked against that. That might explain how I missed it the first time with the edge. I'll have to check my board tomorrow. But I guess my question still stands?

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from what ive read cutting carbon fibre with power tools is a bad ideal. appaerently it wears them down very quickly but i have had no person experince with it. jay5 were you cutting with a manual saw or a mechinized saw?

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I cut it using a bandsaw. I cant imagine that a 3/8"X1/8" (or whatever) piece is going to have any real effect on your tools as a hobby builder. I think I cut a good 20 pieces at a time and have never experienced any real noticable dulling of the blade. You figure it probably takes 1/4 or the blade or somthing to cut a piece. I'm not arguing that it isnt a tough material, but I wouldnt worry about it messing up your tools. Hack saw blades are only a few bucks :D

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