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Is This Possible

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I was planning and coming up with ideas for my next project and wondered if it is possible to do a fanned fret fretboard with a zero fret and the buzz feiten tuning system?

Are there any problems with doing this? And where could get the plans for the fanned frets without a license? Because I will not sell this guitar probrably and if I do, its unlikely to the US.

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Check Ralph Novax's website for a few links, and I believe Mike Doolin's site has a how to. Basically: taper your board, mark out the two spacings on each edge, connect the dots. There's some stuff on this in the MIMF library as well.

Also...you're not going to get the Buzz Feiten without paying for it. The data's not available. Heck, I'm not even sure there are Feiten settings for fanned fret instruments. And while you can globally compensate the nut end using a zero fret, by moving the slot, it's perhaps not the easiest way of doing things. IMO, you're just as likely to get good results using one of many compensation systems that don't have a patented set of offsets (mimf.com/nutcomp for example). Feiten wasn't the first, isn't the best, but is surely the top dog when it comes to selling the idea of full compensation/tuning offsets. Came up with a system that works, and marketed the hell out of it.

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