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Preparation For New Bridge

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I have the new bridge made and ready to glue back on my J-45 (without that adjusting crap) but I don't know where to quit smoothing the top where the bridge sits. I have the old finish carefully scraped to the edges of the new bridge and I have plugged the old adjuster holes and flattened the plugs. What remains is little stripes were the grain of the spruce runs under the bridge. These stripes are .005 wide/deep or less. I really don't know how to fill these. Too small to glue in splinters. Somewhere I read something about drop-filling them with laquer but I am not sure if this is the best way. Also, I have only used hot hide glue about three times and am considering putting this bridge on with original formula Titebond or carpenter's alifatic resin (Elmer's?). Opinions and tips would be MOST appreciated!

New bridges ROCK! :D

Hey, another thought just popped out of my head! This is a mid-60s Gibson that originally had a DeArmond soundhole pickup in it(horrible). Since that is gone, I have a hole in the butt of the guitar about 2" from the endpin. Any ideas on something "nifty" to put in this hole? Functional or not, I will consider anything! Thanx again!

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I hate to reply to my own thread but I got the bridge back on last night and after removing the cauls and clamps I must say I am impressed. After searching the web for two weeks for info on how to finish up this bridge replacement, the results are perfect! I sanded the top area where the bridge goes and mixed the dust with some thinned Devcon clear and spread it. Next day sanded flat and glued the bridge on. Perfect!

I am filling that hole in the butt with a jack for a new set of K&K Western Standard pickups. May never use them but they are cheap and they sounded great on a Taylor I tried at the music store.

All is well with the world! :D

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