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Rockstar In Need Of Major Tlc

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Ive just bought a Antoria rockstar semi accoustic on ebay.

Never hear of Antoria before but loved the look of the guitar the name and it was in budget, but the guitar has been seriously abused with angst teen scrawlings across the front.

Plays ok but needs tuning often.

The guy I bought it from said he bought it second hand in '88

The number is EG1935 WA its made in Korea. Im assuming it from the '80s

The damage is mostly on the front - deeply scratched in to the lacquer which doesnt look as though it goes in to the veneer.

So once i strip the front i have to decide if i can re lacquer to match, a warm brown, probably mahogany or if there is damage to the timber spray black to hide the damage.

Does that sound odd to have black front and mahogany sides and back.

I would prefere to get the front to match but I think it will be almost impossible and i dont want to strip the whole body as the back and sides are in good condition, just need a good polish.

Does any one have recomendations for stripping the lacquer?

Would it have been orriginaly finished with nitro or some thing more modern?

Reading the posts here suggests that polyurethane is easier to work with, any thoughts?

Can i mix modern lacquer on the front whilst keeping the old on the sides and back?

There is a white plastic binding to the corners to the sides so the front surface is defined.

This is my first guitar refurb. I have good experiance at joinery and access to a compresser and spray gun though i havent used one before, but my old man has and show me the ropes.

Im in the UK

Ta Phil

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u shold have no problem puting a modern lacquer on the front and id say it whold probaly be poly being a Korean guitar and all, as for striping the lacquer i usealy sand it, but i always work whith eletric guitars and i dont know how to go about puting a belt sander on a acoustic. The other 2 methods are useing heat and useing chemicals.

And all 3 methodes have tutorials on this site:

Stripping a body using heat

Stripping by using chemicals

Stripping a body by sanding

hope that hellps :D

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