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Mahogany Alternative

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I was in the process of making a guitar with a maple/mahogany/maple through the body guitar, with mahogany sides.

Just as I was sanding another mahogany bodied guitar, I started to break-out with weird blotches and itchiness on my exposed parts, especially the face.

I know enough about anaphyilactic shock where any allergic reaction is a warning sign that the body just doesn't like that thing you happen to be next to.

Breathing problems are a risk too. It usually affects those sensitivity to multiple objects like I am becoming, so the vast majority will probabalty never have any reacton to any wood, or mild ones at the most.

I'm finding out that it can happen at any age and any time.

Gosh dang it, NOW it hits me.

I'm pretty sure it is mahogany because after I bagged the wood and put it away, the symptoms began to subside.

So my question is:

What's a good mahogany substitute for neck wood? I'm hoping for a domestic wood and not a very exoctic one, as they tend to be the most reactive for sensitive people.

I just became reactive to avocados! And I almost planted two avocado trees in my back yard!

What the ...?

Hey, I'm well, in a great country with great friends and family, and I ain't putting my life on the line like my brave brothers and sisters overseas are. God bless them all. So what's a little wood allergy?

Thanks for the help,


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kornia aka limba (it comes in 2 forms white and black) is descirbed as similar to mahogany with a sweeter midrange whatever that means but i think its an exotic wood

you might want to get one of these

sorry to hear about the alergy development

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Which mahogany? If it's honduran, try one of the African Varieties (Sapele would be my first choice, then Khaya and/or Sipo). For domestics, Walnut's nice, but has a much worse rep for reactivity than Mahogany does...Limba might be good, but again, no clue if you'd react to that.

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A lot of times, once you are allergic to something you may become allergic to something similar with repeated exposure. So, you may develop (or already be allergic to) sensitivity to other woods. I'd try to avoid the dust with whatever clothing or breathing equipment necessary in your case. Even if you are not allergic to a particular kind of wood, breathing the dust can't be good for you.

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Thanks fellas for the suggestions.

It's mainly the damn sanding that gets me.

I just bought some cherry wood for a body. See how that goes.

It's a beautiful piece.

I just cut some plywood for a little table I was making for the "shop."

That thing had my skin going too.

I am becoming senstive to many things now, but plywood was expected as it's nothing but chemicals mixed with a little wood.

I'll keep you posted....

Thanks again,


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