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80s Fender Mij Kahler Strat

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Hey guys here's the post I made over at the "other" site. I thought I'd offer it up here before going to the shop or eBay. Man I hate doing that.

Here's was the post:


Serial Number: E743339 I was told by the original owner he bought it in 84 or 85 and the serial numbers were not sequential. If you use the serial number theory it would make it a 1987. It is in fabulous condition for it's age with very few nicks as described below. All Original fender pick ups, sealed "fender japan" tuners. ORIGINAL Kahler trem with locking nut. This is not the Kahler marked for Fender like most this is actual OEM Kahler USA trem with all of the fine tuners.

Metallic Red with white 3-ply pickguard (in great shape) and naturally aged knobs and pup covers. Traditional the single body route with no obvious paint fade from under the pickguard. Neck pocket is very clean. The neck and pocket are both match marked ST-625 K (:D.

The rear trem cover is recessed and there are a few small nicks in the body where the cover meets the body.

There are several small body dings "dimples" that are so small and fine that they are not pictureable and only noticable when holding the guitar up close. None of these are even through the finish and could be buffed out it ease. The only chips through the finish are on the bottom back near the strap button and fairly small at that. The headstock logo is perfect with the serial number. There are a few small dings on the bottom back edge ofthe headstock from what looks like cymbal slaps, but I doubt this guitar was ever gigged. The neck is a strait 22 fret with a rosewood fretboard. the frets show a little wear but whoever owned it preiously obviously did not play lead. Most of the wear is on the first 4 frets. There is still plety of life left in them. Another tiny (I mean small)ding to mention on the bottom edge of the fretboard at the 9th fret but in not only barely noticable but doea not effect playability at all. The action is currently set to a medium low, but of course sould be set up for your preferences.

Sorry for the long post but I wanted to mention everything. This is an awesome Strat and in Excellent condition for it's age. Very vintage feel almost a subtle relic without the beating. It's beautiful and I love her, but I want a maple board on an oly white.

$300 Shipped.

Other pics:








The only trades I will consider is for another strat in as good condition in with maple/maple neck. This is a great axe!



Indianapolis, IN

I think I forgot to add the $300 shipped is to the conus only and I would prefer to only send there as I have never shipped outside the US before. But I will if buyer is willing to pay shipping.

This will ship as well packed as I can make it or as requested. But I plan on including a new padded fender gig bag. Padded then again in a standard box. But I am open to suggestion.

Thanks all,


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