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Flattop Bridge Attachment Procedure

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I have three reference sources for flattop construction and of course they have three different procedures for attaching the bridge: 1) Glue it on before finishing, 2) mask the bridge area with tape during finishing, and 3) finish the whole guitar and scrape away the finish under the bridge. I'm weighing the options... what are your thoughts? Options 2 and 3 obviously involve finishing the bridge separately from the guitar. I'll be spraying lacquer... how would you think that would influence the decision?

Thanks for your feedback...

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Option 2 is the usual method. Using a template of the bridge shape, mask an area about 2mm smaller (ie. all around the perimeter) than the bridge. This ensures that the finish looks continuous around the bridge when its glued down. Most acoustic bridge materials are rosewood, ebony etc. and don't require any finishing.

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