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2 Humbucker And 1 Single Coil Switching


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okay, i saw a diagram in a book for the wiring layout steve vai uses which was designed by a guy from dimarzio, it goes sumthing like this.

theres a 5 position switch and heres what th positions are

1. bridge facing coil of neck humbucker

2. neck humbucker and single coil

3. neck and bridge humbeckers + single coil

4. bridge humbucker and single coil

5. neck facing coil of bridge humbucker

i want 2 create th same kind of setup for my vintage metal axxe razor, which is fitted with 2 wilkinson humbuckers and i want 2 fit a single coil pickup between them.

im pretty good with electronics but im more used 2 computer systems and repairing stuff.thediagramisvery unclear.

im not 2 bothered about using 1 coil on th humbuckers but if possible i would, does anyone have any ideas of a suitable circuit layout?

the components i have lying about are

3 500k pots

1 5 position switch that says alpha on the side (makers name?)

3 single coil pickups

plus the electrics already in th guitar

2 wilkinson humbuckers

1 500k pot

1 500k pull/push pot

1 3way switch

if anyone can come up with a schematic that meets th steve vai specifications above, i would be very grateful


will blake

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i dont think your desired wirring is the same as found on standard jems

heres the steve vai switching set up


here's a diagram

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okay thanks ppl the diagrams are helping, im using most of the wiring already in my guitar, and wiring the stuff for the 3way switch to the 5way switch so i can include the single coil + im adding a SPST switch to switch the single coil on and off. im thinking of using the unused 3way switch for switching sum onboard electrics but donno yet. i dunno why i want all the coils in use at once :D guess i just want 2 see what it sound like :D

anyway thanks for clearing it up a bit for me,


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