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Hey guys, have any of you purchased a Bigsby tremolo MM version? It it says on their site, I have searched google to no avail, also how good are their pickups? GFS pickups for a tele or MM pickups for a tele?

i've never used their bigsby trem but i'm a big fan of their pickups. i use them on guitars that i bolt together from spare parts that i want to sell cheaper than my custom made ones and i've never used one that didn't sound great..especially for the price.

hope that helps a little.

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How come I've never actually seen one of those MM bigsbys? Does anyone know where to buy one?

There's nothing too complex about the bigsby design-- I suppose it all depends on the quality of the metal they use and how close the tolerances are.

But they'd have to come in at a significant discount to Bigsby's own licensed models to be worth it.

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