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Need Templates For Guitars

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i`m beginer. i need some template please. PRS special.

Well, as long as you're beginning, you might as well begin from the beginning :D

If I had started out by making templates instead of diving right in, I wouldn't have made so many stupid mistakes. And I made a lot of stupid mistakes.

I still make lots of mistakes, but most of the time I make em on the templates, not the actual guitar. A big improvement!

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I want to make my dream guitar. An PRS. anyone can help me whit some templates, please....

What exactly are you asking? Do you want someone to give you the templates?

Here's that link again: PRS template (double cut) and here's the PRS single cut

There's a PRS plan available in the downloads section here--but you'll need to donate to the site for that. It'll cost you less than buying templates, but you'll have to do the work for yourself.

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i try to that link but they dont send to Romania.And from ebay the same, icant make an paypal acount becouse they dont have Romania in theyr chart of country.

Where i must to donate and from where i can downloade some templates?

Sorry about a lot of asking but i`m new here.

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for some bizarre reason i have them on my pc.


single cut



double cut

alex, if you want me to remove them just lemme know - just trying to be helpful :D

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