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What Do I Buy To Make This

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I have a really old bolt-on kelly laying around that I would like to convert to this kind of finish. It's plain black. I could sand the top off, glue on a veneer,..

But I don't know what that stuff is.. It looks like quilt maple, but in some spots, it doesn't. and it doesn't look like two halves either (which is cool, I like that)

also, what color dye would I use to create that greyish black color?

and is there a good tutorial on the main page about how to do all this?

One more question that may not belong here;

If i want to convert the floyd on my kelly to a non-recessed one, is it as easy as gluing a block in the hole that allows it to pull upwards?

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Test on scrap lots? I'd get some dyes (blacks, browns, maybe a bit of red and amber) and play around until I got the colour I wanted. With finishing, you NEVER simply follow a recipe, and ALWAYS test on scrap to make sure the results are what you expect them to be.

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