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Adding A Pickup?


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it depends what type of access you have to the electrics. if there's a backplate it shouldnt be too difficult, but if there isnt it will be very fiddly. and of course you'd have to route a hole for the pickup.

as for the wiring, it depends what you want. you could have a mini toggle that just turns the sc on/off so you can add it to any combination of the other pickups. but again, thats another hole.

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no backplate on an epi dot to access the electrics. You have to carefully fish all the pots out of the lower f-hole in order to solder in the new circuitry. I fitted some new HB replacement pups and a micro switch to my epi dot recently. A bit of a fiddle to get the guts back in place but not a problem if you work slowly and plan ahead. Best trick I found was to thread some strong cotton through the pot holes and attach to the pot spindles one by one in order to help guide them back up into place again. Good luck!

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This is pinned at the top of the Electronics Tutorials section:

Repairing Electronics On Hollow Body Guitars, A Photo Tutorial by unclej

That should get you through any wiring mods. The major problem is going to be routing a hole for the pickup without totally bollixing up the top. If you can do that, the electronics work will be absurdly simple by comparison.

Just out of curiosity, where did you get the idea that the "old 335s" had a single coil in the middle? The classic ES-335 came with two humbuckers - the only classic Gibson archtop that had 3 pickups was the ES-5 "Switchmaster", AFAIK, and it had three soapbars (until 1957, when humbuckers replaced them). Late 70s 335s had a "coil tap", IIRC, but no third pickup.

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